Spotify Playlists

Our own curated Spotify playlists – We have some general playlists full of the dopest instrumental HipHop stuff as well as a bunch of artist-playlists focusing on the work of a single beatmaker or crew. Just click the cover to open the respective playlist directly on Spotify.

Our favourite instrumental hiphop joints. Straight Beats – from BoomBap to LoFi. // 5 fresh beats every week, well selected from the flood of hundreds of new releases.

Smooth and relaxing hiphop instrumentals, lofi and experimental beats for a laid back sunday afternoon or your study session.

BoomBap instrumentals – not only from the ’90s but also from new beatcats providing that golden era sound.

The complete discography of all so far released beat tapes – All beats by Golden Ticket Tapes.

Rest In Beats dude26 (1982 – 2018). INSTRUMENTALS ONLY playlist featuring joints of his own beat albums as well as production for other artists and his crew dude&phaeb.

HipHop beats & Jazz tracks by Leipzig based beatsmith and multi-instrumentalist IAMPAUL of the Daily Concept family.

Head nod beats – produced on analog gear like SP1200, MPC60, 2000XL and S950. Groovy instrumentals provided by German BoomBap specialist Soulmade from the Daily Concept family.

Instrumentals only playlist by Erfurt/Berlin based band Alfred Quest – A borderless mix of classic hiphop beats paired with electronica, jazz and LoFi.

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